ACRCC Elects New Leadership

While our friends in Washington D.C. are still struggling to elect a leader, we have far better results here in Ada County. The Ada County Republicans elected new officers tonight, all by acclamation!

Earlier this month, six officers serving on the Ada County Republican Central Committee (ACRCC) Executive Board notified the press and our 183 precinct committeemen that they decided to resign, citing their inability to lead.

Tonight, at a special meeting of the Ada County Republican Central Committee, members gathered to elect six new officers to fill the vacancies. The officers were all unopposed and were elected by acclamation of the membership. Those elected to the ACRCC Executive Board are as follows:

  • Chairman: Thad Butterworth
  • 1st Vice Chairman: Ryan Spoon
  • 2nd Vice Chairman: Sue Gaston
  • 3rd Vice Chairman: Scott Cleveland
  • Treasurer: Sue Hoffer
  • State Committeewoman: Cheryl Hurd

Newly-elected Chair Thad Butterworth spoke to ACRCC membership at the meeting. He said, “Our focus should be getting more involved.” Butterworth also spoke about his goal to create a team environment that includes all voices and “promotes unity and effectiveness.”

The ACRCC Executive Board consists of 21 members: nine officers, 11 legislative district chairs, and the Region IV Chair. Now that the Executive Board is whole once again, the next steps for the newly elected leadership of the ACRCC include completing a necessary financial review, which was triggered by the previous six officers’ resignations, and finishing important work on the upcoming municipal election.

Congratulations to all of the new officers!